Are you getting ready to volunteer or study abroad in Latin America?

Do you want to keep up with your the Spanish you've already learned?

Will learning conversational Spanish help you in your studies or career?

Can learning conversational Spanish help you to connect with new friends?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, then Spanish For Impact is for you!

Spanish For Impact provides you with an affordable and flexible online or face-to-face opportunity to learn and improve your technical and conversational Spanish. You will learn from our                                                                            based in Antigua, Guatemala. 100% of what you pay supports job creation and community empowerment projects implemented by

 - an award-winning locally-owned social enterprise. 

Speak well, do good!

It is simple and easy. You only need a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to connect!

Our instructors are highly experienced and enthusiastic to help you with your Spanish!

We have plans for individuals and groups or you can customize your learning experience.  

It is about your learning experience, but also about supporting good work.

Want to use your Spanish for good?

Find out more about our social innovation and community consulting programs with                           .  

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Travelling to Antigua, Guatemala?


Stay with our local partner The Purpose Hostel - a hostel focused on promoting greater inclusion and diversity in the local community


Visit www.thepurposehostel.com

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Know someone that might be interested? Spread the word! Download the Spanish For Impact promotional pamphlet and poster!

Want true language immersion?


Stay with a local family & watch your Spanish improve rapidísimo!


Visit www.micasasucasatourism.com