I began taking classes with SpanishForImpact a month before my trip to the Dominican Republic and it was my first time ever taking Spanish. I learned so much in each hour of class. My tutor was very kind and patient while teaching me. After tutoring, I was well prepared for my trip. - Abraham S.


Spanish For Impact is an initiative by Soluciones Comunitarias

Spanish For Impact is for anyone who wants to take advantage of learning and improving their Spanish by taking live online or face-to-face conversational classes with teachers in Guatemala while connecting with an interesting, unique, and fascinating culture and supporting in job creation and community empowerment projects implemented by Soluciones Comunitarias
Empathy, Client Outcome Focused, Intentional, Dignified, Accountable, Innovative, Endurable, Practical, Catalytic, Trustful, Inclusive, Collaborative.
Social Entrepreneur Corps, the New Development Solutions Group social enterprise that provides unique life-changing hands-on professional development experience in Latin America and our strategic launching partner, has been collaborating with our language instructors for over 10 years and we have provided our services to over 500 interns and professionals.  
Soluciones Comunitarias, our strategic partner in Guatemala, was recognized by Ashoka Changemakers as a leader in leveraging social business opportunities that are changing the world.
Since 2004, Soluciones Comunitarias has reached over 2,500 communities and 30,000 people in Guatemala, among kids and adults, providing them with over 13,000 innovative products and solutions have helped to overcome challenging obstacles and improve the quality of their lives, by saving money, by preventing dangerous health problems, by becoming more productive, by simply being able to be and feel comfortable in their homes

Our mission is to help you with your Spanish if...

You are starting to study Spanish.

You have been abroad to learn Spanish and want to keep up with your new skill.

You are studying it in school now and want to improve your conversational level.

You are a company/organization that wants the team to improve their Spanish.

You work with volunteers and want them prepared for their trip.

You are planning to travel to Latin America and want to get up to speed.

Our Way...

Everyone can be a student and has the ability to learn this beautiful language effectively and efficiently by taking one of our courses. With Spanish being one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world, learning it through private live lessons leads to a competitive advantage. 

Every class is tailored to the interests and abilities of the student.  

I gained a good foundation and from learning basic vocabulary I was able to form sentences and have conversations with people. - Tolu O.

...Your Way

Our instructors are highly experienced in teaching all levels of Spanish to different people: students, professionals, beginners and advanced. 

Learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want, about topics that interest you and connect with teachers from Guatemala. 

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Want true language immersion?


Stay with a local family & watch your Spanish improve rapidísimo!


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