The Spanish For Impact instructors are highly experienced in teaching Spanish to foreigners from around the world who visit La Antigua, Guatemala.
We want to take it to the next level and connect them online and in person with more people who are interested in learning conversational Spanish for pleasure, fun or to use at work.  They are enthusiastic teachers who love their language and look forward to sharing more about their country, customs, and culture. 

Marta Lidia, Director and Spanish Instructor

Experience: 23 years working as a Spanish teacher, 6 of them while working with the Peace Corps. She works with adults of all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers. She also manages Social Entrepreneur Corps Spanish and Homestay Programs.  

Reason for Teaching: "I like sharing with others my language and my culture. My passion and vocation is being a teacher. I enjoy teaching Spanish grammar, ensuring that every student understands, learns, and uses it. I am satisfied and happy when I see the progress of my students. I also enjoy meeting people from all over the world and being a part of a cultural exchange where we learn from each other."

Our Instructors

Rosa Maria 

Experience: 24 years working as a Spanish teacher, 2.5 years teaching online. She works with students of all levels and ages.

Reason for Teaching: "I like learning about different cultures and seeing the learning progress of every student. I have a few years of experience and this has taught me the best way for students to learn since each person is very different. I have worked with groups ranging from three to five students and I enjoy discussing various topics with each group."

Felix Eduardo 

Experience: 18 years working as a Spanish teacher, 2 years teaching online.

Reason for Teaching: "I decided to become a Spanish teacher a long time ago because I realized this is one of the best things to do to understand different cultures.  It creates strong relationships between people from all over the world, which gives us solutions to everyday challenges.  Spanish is one of the 3 most widely spoken languages around the world and is still growing.  Learning Spanish for business, fun, traveling, or job opportunities is a great opportunity."


Experience: 5 years working as a Spanish teacher.

Reason for Teaching: "I really enjoy teaching Spanish because it is a part of me and through it I can learn about different cultures and ways of thinking."

Jorge Eduardo 

Experience: 11 years working as a Spanish teacher. He works with students of all ages and Spanish levels.

Reason for Teaching: "Since I was a child, my vocation has been to teach. Teaching foreigners Spanish has been a way for me to learn about other cultures. Even though it is a job, I do not feel like it is one because I enjoy it and have fun working with different types of students."

Mirian Janet 

Experience: 21 years working as a Spanish teacher. She works with students of different ages and nationalities.

Reason for Teaching: "I am a Spanish teacher because I like sharing and teaching about the culture of my country and also learning about the cultures of other countries. I also enjoy teaching Spanish because it is a useful language and students may need it for work or travel purposes."


Experience: 14 years working as a Spanish teacher, 2 years teaching online.

Reason for Teaching: "I am a Spanish teacher because I enjoy teaching my language and sharing about my culture and food, while also meeting people from other countries. I like teaching foreigners about our beautiful tourist attractions and letting them know that we come from an intelligent culture, the Mayans. Despite what people might say, Latinos can be successful through hard work."


Experience: 25 years working as a Spanish teacher

Reason for Teaching: "I like to share about the traditions and customs of our Guatemalan culture. I enjoy learning about the political, social, and economic problems of other countries and having discussions about them. I love my job and the most important thing is for my students to feel important, valued, and above all, comfortable. This job also helps me support my family financially."


Experience: 20 years experience working as a Spanish teacher with children, young people and adults of all levels.

Reasons for Teaching: ¨To work with different people, is to learn other cultures and learn from one another, which is a treasure. Many years ago I discovered that to teach is a privilege and to learn is a blessing. So why don't we share languages, experiences, activities and cultures in an easy and dynamic way?¨


Experience: 13 years working as a Spanish and Guatemalan cultural teacher. He works with students of all levels and anyone over the age of 10.

Reason for Teaching: "I enjoy teaching our beautiful language to people who want to be multilingual or need to learn Spanish for their work. I also like sharing about our interesting and beautiful culture to those who are learning Spanish. And, through my students I learn about different viewpoints in regards to everyday life."

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