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The successful partnership between Social Entrepreneur Corps and Soluciones Comunitarias has led to the design of a new and innovative way to collaborate that connects existing resources in Guatemala with people who are eager to learn conversational Spanish in an easy and accessible manner.  

This partnership is about joining efforts, knowledge, expertise, means, energy and inspiration to create new opportunities that generate positive change and empowerment at all levels. 

Social Entrepreneur Corps offers youth, college students, and professionals the opporunity to engage with local social entrepreneurs in Central and Latin America while creating and leading community impact and having the experience of a lifetime.  

Soluciones Comunitarias, an Ashoka Changemakers award-winning social business, focuses on empowering people, communities, and organizations by providing services and products that improve their quality of life by solving challenging problems.

This innovative collaboration is the perfect solution for teachers who are experiencing difficulty in making ends meet due to lower visits and registrations for Spanish classes in country due to persistent violence and crime.  

Students can learn a new language or practice their Spanish while also making a new friend and learning about an interesting unique culture. 

Soluciones Comunitarias can receive support to continue its efforts of empowering the people of Guatemala.

And, Social Entrepreneur Corps can help connect all the pieces of the puzzle thanks to its extended network.

We are excited to announce this new collaboration between Social Entrepreneur Corps and Soluciones Comunitarias because this is an opportunity to make lasting impact on so many levels. We want to connect Guatemalan teachers with students, SE Corps alumni, faculty members, and organizations/businesses that are interested in learning this language while supporting a worthwhile cause. Teachers can now support their families while students learn a new valuable skill that can help them become global citizens of the future.   

This partnership is an amazing opportunity for the teachers to make a living since tourism has dropped in the country because of the violence. Many people have been left without jobs and SFI provides them with one. Students, on the other hand, have the flexibility of learning from their homes at any hour with very experienced teachers. 

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